Dual Pump control panel 2×4 kW with VFD


Duty Standby Dual Pump control panel with VFD

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2x4 kW DOL start three phase Duty/Standby Dual Pump control panel with VFD
- Steel enclosure 500x400x200 mm
- Interlocked mains isolator
- Main and load terminals,
- Switch for manual control/automatic control with fuild level relay, with three level probes
- Transformer 400/24 VAC
- Power On light indicator
- Running light indicators pump 1 and pump 2 .
- Tripped light indicators pump1 and pump 2
- Emergency stop button
- Motor circuit breakers for pumps protection.
- VFD 4 kW
- Contactors coil 24 VAC
- Control relay:
                 • lack of one or several phases;
                 • change in the sequence of the phases;
                 • lowering of the power supplying voltage: under 10%;
                 • increasing of the power supplying voltage: over 10%;
                 • phase asymmetry of the power supplying voltage: ±10%
This panel is suitable for control fluid level in tanks or for pumping different fluids, or maintaning constat pressure
Very simple to connect.
We will provide all drawings necessary.
Available even other configurations from 0.09 to 7,5 kW.


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