Besides the range of products that we have, through our specialists we hope that we provide solutions to all demands coming from our customers.


  • design and manufacture electrical and automation control panels with sensors, instrumentation for control and analysis of different parameters..

  • control systems design with programmable logic controllers (PLC) Siemens, AB, Schneider, Moeller etc.
  • designing and implementing execution programs for PLC's (Step 7, MicroLogix, Xsoft, etc ).
  • simple process automation design for miniPLC's like Siemens Logo, Moeller Easy, Schneider Zelio, Mitsubishi Alpha, etc.
  • designing and implementing execution programs SCADA/HMI (WinCC Flexible, Rsview etc)



  • design of electronic circuits based on different microcontrollers architectures like PIC, Atmel, ARM, etc.
  • design printed circuit boards (PCB) for related circuits

electronic board

  • designing and implementing embedded program related to the circuit


  • integration of advanced metering systems NI