About Us


AUTOMATION ELECTRIC, is a company founded in 2016 and aims to provide innovative, efficient and reliable solution in industrial automation, electricity and electronics fields, always using cutting edge technologies available on the market. We belive that we can face to any requirements which means technology, so that, such as structure, the company aims to cover both the automation and electrical fields, which is focused on designing  automation and control panels and the electronics, that deals with the design of electronic circuits based on microcontroller and embedded software.

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Our History


We just started with hopes and dreams hopefully for a long period. We have designed a lot of products for a large range of industrial motors, control panel with different features, able to measure electrical parameters, control panel for pumps,control panels for temperature and humidity.  

New projects

If everything goes according with out targest we plan to expand our products range with a lot of other models and supporting even other industry fields.

Our Skills

Besides the existing product range, our company offers various consulting and design services in electronics, electrics and automation.


Our activity is strongly drive by customer requirements, so that the main goal is to continuously improve project management based on our experience and as a result of feedback from customers. We always follow four simple steps:

  • Project requrements analysis
  • Project cost analysis
  • Project optimisation
  • Project deployment