Brewery control panel 2×1 kW single phase heating elements


Brewery control panel

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Steel enclosure 500x400x200 mm

Interlocked mains isolator and emergency stop button.

HLT, Mash and Boil PID temperature controllers.

Programmable timer for set different cycles.

Power ON lamp indicator.

Wort pump ON, water pump ON, lamp indicator.

ON/OFF switch for wort and water pumps.

Strobe light with buzzer alarm that indicate high temperature or cycle end.

ON/OFF switch for alarm.

HLT ON, Boil ON lamp indicator.

ON/OFF switch for HLT and Boil heating elements.

Mains and load terminals.

Circuit breakers for power supply and output load.

MCB and contactors for pumps control.

Two SSR for loads  installed on heat sink.

RTD thermocouples with 2m cable lenght with sockets. 

Very simple to connect. We will provide all drawings necessary.  

This panel is dedicated for single phase supply.

Fast delivery across de Europe.
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