Car lift, car hoist, car elevator, reversible motor control panel, 5.5 kw motor


Car lift, car hoist, car elevator

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Used to run motor in both directions, espacially for car lift or similar system.


Steel enclosure 300x250x150 mm

Motor circuit breaker for motor protection in case of overload

Up Down contactor with interlock

Contactors coil  220-240 V  AC 

Terminals for motor connection,

Terminals for limit switches Top and Bottom that need to stop the direction when it reaches its limit 

Up and down buttons, work when they are pressed and stop when they are released (dead mans handle)  

Emergency Stop button

Interlocked mains  isolator

Strobe light with buzzer, flashing and sounds when the Up/Down button is pressed   

Very simple to connect.
Available even other configurations from 0.09 to 7.5 kW.
Fast delivery across the Europe.


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